Sumiko Songbird Low: Stereo Net

Sumiko Songbird Low
Sumiko Songbird Low: Stereo Net

We were delighted that StereoNet UK enjoyed our new Songbird Low Output Moving Cartridge:

“…What this version of the Songbird does give you is the refinement that one expects from a four-figure moving coil cartridge, along with a knack for digging out those elusive micro details. It’s also really good at tracking complex dynamics in a piece of music, showing poise and effortlessness – more hallmarks of a serious high-end pickup – all for less than a grand….”                                                                                                                 
– StereoNet UK, July 2020


You can check out the entire review here:

Sumiko Songbird Low Phono Cartridge — Low-Mass Elliptical Stylus & Hardened Alloy Cantilever [Front & Top Hi-Res Zoom]
Sumiko Songbird Low Resonance Optimized Threaded Headblock & Tapered Gold-Plated Tonearm Connection Pins

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