New Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure

New Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure

Enjoy our latest videos depicting stylus replacement/upgrade as well as a gorgeous rendering of our moving magnet cartridges in action. Our Rainier cartridge has taken the US by storm as a leading feature on Pro-Ject turntables. Here we show you how to handle stylus-swapping with your Debut Carbon EVO. We remind you that Rainier, Olympia, Moonstone, Wellfleet & RS78 stylus replacements are physically interchangeable with identical generators, so as an example, replacing your Rainier stylus with a Moonstone stylus means you now have a Moonstone cartridge.

Additionally, we’ve worked hard to produce an informative video with visual appeal that reflects the top-notch sound quality of our moving magnet cartridges. Enjoy the fruits of our labor- a tour of our MM design that’s as beautiful as it is informative.

As always, happy listening from the SPC Team!


Replacing/Upgrading a Sumiko Moving Magnet Stylus

A Stunning View of Our MMs in Action – Featuring Amethyst

Sumiko Phono Cartridges

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