Celebration 40 Phono Cartridge

Next-Gen Reference Moving Coil Phono Pickup

The original Celebration phono cartridge was designed by Sumiko as a “celebration of music.” The design saw enhancements over the years, but today we’ve got something a little more specific to celebrate…


Commemorating our 40th anniversary of excellence in analog, Sumiko is enormously excited to introduce the latest refinement of our award-winning Pearwood Celebration II – the new Celebration 40! We’ve continued to implement the tried & true design elements lending to maximum rigidity and minimal unwanted resonance: a long-grain boron cantilever, milled Teflon back-plate and the same MC generator securely fixed to our anti-resonant machined aluminum cradle. However, what we’re bringing to the table amounts to radically improved sonics.


Celebration 40 now implements the same solid, ultra-low-mass 75µm x 2.5µm Microridge stylus as our flagship Palo Santos Presentation. Adding the Microridge stylus is revelatory when it comes to micro detail & spatiality. Like its predecessor, Celebration 40 is free of fatigue and you can immerse yourself in listening as hours breeze by. Prevailing characteristics are rich, smooth and warm, lacking analytical tendencies that can become grating on the ear. Clarity, however, is not sacrificed for this tonal character. The Microridge tracks like few others are capable. It holds the groove unyieldingly and tracking is thus impeccable, portraying music in a manner that’s entirely unconfused. Musicality, emotion, bass depth & slam with mid/high sweetness are what you’re in for.


We’ve selected the gorgeous plumwood body for resonance characteristics that we adore. Like pearwood, it’s a blossoming tree that we’ve found more accurately embodies the spirit of the Celebration design. It lends a sense of euphoria that invites you in, reminiscent of the charm evoked by the likes vintage tube audio. To ensure accuracy in the cartridge alignment procedure, we’ve modified the front face of the plumwood housing, clearing the sightline so you can view the entire cantilever in setup.


Pre-amplifying and loading Celebration 40 is all but identical to Celebration II. We ask that to get the absolute most from your cartridge, you operate within the specified VTF & loading ranges but encourage your experiment therein. You have a degree of control over how Celebration 40 sounds in your system (like any audiophile cartridge), and we want you to find your own sweet spot. Whatever that sweet spot may be, we are confident that Celebration 40 has something ear-opening to offer most any listener…


…and perhaps we should mention it doesn’t cost a penny more.


Trade In or Trade Up

As user-replaceable styli are not on an option for moving coil phono cartridges, remember that any of our MCs, functional or otherwise, can be returned to your dealer in a re-tip exchange — a discount on a new cartridge of equal or greater value — sparing you expense when your stylus heads south! Here’s how it works… The cartridge you own is worth 30% its retail value in trade. As an example, if you have a cartridge with a retail value of $1000, it’s worth $300 in trade toward your new cartridge. All trade-ins must be done through an authorized dealer. Note: our trade program is valid within the United States only.


Hand-Crafted in Japan

From Oyster to Reference, each Sumiko phono cartridge is crafted by hand in Yokohama, Japan — near the waters where our namesake Oysters dwell. We’ve selected by ear the finest materials that combine to deliver performance that has enlightened generations of listeners. Each design is thoroughly auditioned until perfected. Production is then executed by world-class cartridge makers with a collective eye for precision & quality. The result is a full horizon of cartridges eager to introduce themselves to your analog system — we firmly believe there’s a perfect cartridge for you here.



“…the Sumiko Celebration 40, in the right setup, was one of the most musically engaging audio baubles I’ve had in my system. It helped give me the full ‘vinyl’ experience, the kind that the most committed, glassy-eyed analog junkies constantly bang on about. It was honestly tough to let it go.” – Carlo Lo Rasa, Secrets of Home Theater & Hi-Fi Best Phono Cartridge of 2022
“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Celebration 40 and can wholeheartedly recommend it.” – Jason Thorpe, Soundstage! Hi-Fi
“I’d choose the Sumiko Celebration 40 and its approach to sound any day of the week.” – Marc Phillips, Part-Time Audiophile
Design Principle
Sumiko Moving Coil Phono Cartridges Sketch

Low Output Moving Coil

Mass & Dimension
7.0g, 18 x 16.5 x 30.8mm (WxHxD)

Solid Ultra Low-Mass 75µm x 2.5µm Microridge

⌀0.28mm Boron Shaft

High-Purity Copper

Internal Impedance

Load Impedance
100 – 1kΩ

Frequency Response
10Hz – 50kHz

Output Voltage

Channel Separation
30dB @ 1kHz

Channel Balance
0.5dB @ 1kHz

12×10-6cm/dyn @ 100Hz

100pF – 200pF

Vertical Tracking Angle

Tracking Force Range
1.9g – 2.2g

Recommended Tracking Force

Replacement Stylus Unit
Re-Tip Exchange (See Dealer)