Cartridge 101: Turntable Cartridge Types

There are few worse feelings than coming home to play a vinyl record only to realize your machine’s not up to snuff. Even the most high-quality record players can sound

What Makes 78 RPM Records Different than 33s and 45s?

As record collectors, we know 78 RPM discs are different than others. Throughout history, there were once only 78s, aka 78 RPM records, but now we more commonly see 33s

Cartridge 101: Matching Tonearm Resonance and Cartridge Compliance

As you go deeper into your analog journey and your record collection grows, you may choose to move beyond your first turntable into a higher-performance model, especially if you notice

Cartridge 101: All About Cartridge Alignment

To get the most out of your turntable, and enjoy your hi-fi system to the fullest, you must have your turntable set up properly. Optimizing phono cartridge alignment to deliver

Low-Output vs High Output MC Cartridge: What’s the Difference?

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Moving Coil vs Moving Magnet: Which Phono Cartridge Do You Need?

Understanding moving coil vs moving magnet cartridges requires learning how they work, how they differ, and the impact they can have on the sonics of audio systems. Being the transducer

Cartridge 101: How Does Vinyl Work?

Vinyl records have come a long way since Thomas Edison first recorded sound onto a wax-coated cardboard cylinder back in 1877. Primitive though it was, Edison’s phonograph, and later the